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Hybrid mail delivered perfectly

'Hybrid mail and secure electronic documents for your patients'

Webpost can help you with your current mailing processing and guide you towards an integrated and electronic future as proven by all the surgeries that are working with us.  Our products integrate with each other, meaning that a message sent via Webpost Red that goes unread has the option of being automatically converted to a physical letter for delivery.

webpost is compatible with all of these systems

Money saving, time saving, no more uploads and secure, webpost integrates perfectly with your clinical system

Save money on all post

Saves staff time

IG compliant and secure

No workflow change

Not only can Webpost manage your daily postal requirements but we also manage the campaigns of many surgeries, from Flu vaccination campaigns to postal reminders for Diabetes, COPD and Asthma.

Webpost saves you time on processing your post by eliminating the need to fold, insert and frank your post.

Webpost hybrid mail and Webpost Red is a secure and I.G. compliant communication method.

Using Webpost hybrid mail means that there is no change to your current work flow as our software integrates seamlessly.

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