Encrypted confidential communication

Webpost Red

Hybrid mail delivered perfectly

Webpost Red is perfect for patient / GP communication

“Webpost Red is perfect for patient / GP's surgery communication”


Do you want to send an email containing sensitive information but guarantee that the only recipient can read it?


Webpost Red is sent encrypted and can only be opened if the recipient has the correct password.


There are many advantages to using Webpost Red especially if tracking and proof of receipt are a vital part of your business:


o Webpost Red works with any email address

o Legally compliant with the Data Protection Act

o Conforms to the NHS Information Governance Toolkit

o Automatic confirmation of receipt

o Can be traced at any point of time by the transaction register

o Easy to integrate with existing email solutions



Tested to rigorous standards and conforming to the NHS Information Governance Toolkit, webpost RED and REDbox could revolutionise how you process your mail

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